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Men: Ready for a day at the Spa?

Many men remain perplexed about treating themselves to the pampering associated with a day at the spa.

But a trip to the spa is not just about gratification! Making an appointment at The Grand Beauty Spa can and will become an important part of your manly maintenance.

Facials and Pedicures are important steps of caring for yourself and keeping your skin healthy and clear. Take some time to get familiar with all that goes along with Men’s Spa Days, from etiquette to the treatments that men secretly love….

1.  Spa Arrival: Be Early

Need an incentive to arrive on time?   It’s best to arrive at least 25 to 30 minutes prior to your appointment so you can enjoy our complimentary Sauna and Steam Room.  This will help you to unwind before your treatment in the relaxation areas and maybe even have a glass of wine.  If you’re running late, you lose – often we can’t push your appointment back more than 10 minutes. … so, if you’re running late, please call and we may need to reschedule your appointment so that you get the full benefits of your visit here.

2.  Shave before your Facial

Men who are booking a facial treatment will need to be clean-shaven the day of the spa services to ensure the products used in the facial penetrate deep into the pores.  If you’re clean shaven, this will allow for your whole face to be treated with the same special care.  Try to shave at least 2 hours prior to your appointment time to avoid irritation.  Areas that are most likely to be irritated from razor burn and ingrown hairs are issues that your esthetician can treat during your facial.

3.  Shower before your Massage

Another reason to arrive early is to have time to take a shower before your treatment.  You will want to have that clean, fresh feeling before you enter your treatment room, and your massage therapist will appreciate it as well!  While enjoying the sauna or steam, it is proper etiquette to sit on your towel and to wear the plastic shoes provided by the spa.

4.  Talk to your Spa Therapist

It is important to be open with the person who is giving your treatment.  Discuss sensitivities, injuries, and chronic problems that can be addressed through your treatment.

5.  In the Buff… Spa Nudity?

If you’re uncomfortable about being in the buff, you don’t have to undress completely; it’s perfectly okay to wear underwear while having a massage. There are select treatments in which disposable undergarments are supplied.

6. Avoid lotion before waxing

Lotion or body creams applied before any waxing service will make it more difficult to remove the wax.  Eliminate the heavy body creams before a back or chest wax.  This will make your whole experience much more comfortable.  Please let your waxing technician know if you are using an ingestible or topical skin medication as these may cause the skin to be more sensitive.

7.  Stay out of the sun

Reoccurring exposure to the sun can make your skin extremely sensitive and can be very dehydrating.  It’s best to try to lay low of any sun exposure the day of and the day after your treatment.  Remember to always wear sunscreen!

8.  Enjoy the experience

Know that you are doing something very good for your body and your mind.  You deserve this healthy interlude.  You’ll be addicted and leave wanting more!