The summer can leave our skin dry, parched, abused, and sometimes even
sunburned.  During the fall and winter seasons, we often wear more makeup and we get back to activities where we need to be a bit more put together like holiday and dinner parties.  Because of this, we need to get our skin back in tip-top shape.   While the change 
from summer is much more apparent in the north than here in Florida, the
 seasonal change even here in Florida is a time to reflect on the
 messages below and the need to adapt.  Read on
to learn about skincare tips for the end of summer.

Rita Claudia | Spa Director

Skincare Tip for End of the Summer #1 : Exfoliate

Exfoliating is something many people skip, but now is the time to make
it a permanent part of your skincare routine.  If we do not exfoliate,
the moisture we add to our skin cannot get deep enough into the skin to
thoroughly rehydrate our summer-beaten skin.  The rougher your skin, the
more damaged it is, and the more damaged it is, the gentler you
must be when you exfoliate.  A soft scrub is best for damaged skin
because it will exfoliate well without causing further damage.

Skincare Tip for End of the Summer #2: Soothe and Replenish

Summer skin is often dehydrated and irritated so we must take the time
to properly and thoroughly soothe and replenish.  An oil-free moisturizer 
is the first step we should take after exfoliating.  Choosing a
moisturizer with specific soothing ingredients (Thalgo/Hyposensine) will allow you to
moisturize your skin and soothe it at the same time.  These ingredients
include nourishing botanicals.  Essential fatty acids can also help to moisturize and
soothe.  Avoiding hot water is also beneficial because hot water dries
out our skin.

Skincare Tip for End of the Summer #3: Avoid DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide)

Insect repellents that have high concentrations of DEET as their active
ingredient can cause a specific skin irritation.  Avoid these products
when possible to prevent irritation.  If you do experience the skin
irritation associated with DEET products, oil-free moisturizers can
help, but one-percent hydrocortisone cream is often necessary to calm
the associated inflammation.  When using DEET products, apply an
unscented, heavy duty moisturizer prior to applying DEET products to
serve as a barrier between the insect repellent and your skin.  As soon
 as you are back indoors for the day, thoroughly wash your skin of this
product and reapply a moisturizer.

Skincare Tip for End of the Summer #4: Lighten Discolored Skin

After exfoliating and moisturizing your skin, there may be a few darker
spots that you are not happy with.  Consulting your dermatologist is the
best way to lighten dark spots.  However, there are some ways you can do
this from home, but you should still consult your dermatologist first.
Lightening dark spots from home consists of exfoliating with a soft scrub
or a mild beta or alpha hydroxy acid, then doing a hydrating
collagen facial, then slathering on a cell-rehydrating skin serum.

Please consult your esthetician for further questions.  She will be happy to help you
to get your skin back in tip-top shape!

Spa Director