Do you experience Seasonal Allergy symptoms each year at this time?

If so, washing your face, lashes and hair before bed nightly, might alleviate the extra aggravation.

Here are 3 Tips for caring for your lashes so you can get the most of your lash retention during this season:

  1. Antihistamines
    Utilize seasonal antihistamine allergy medications before your appointments and throughout the length of wear. This will help safeguard against any additional irritation and allergies that goes along with already sensitive, distressed eyes.
  2. Dealing with Watery Eyes
    Allergies can also mean excessively watering eyes. Avoid using any kind of material that can snag, or pull on the lashes while wiping away moisture should be avoided. Cotton is your enemy! Materials like microfiber and silk are great alternatives.
  3. When Symptoms Won’t Quit
    Use a cool, dampened, cloth compress and oil-free soothing creams around the eyes.

Despite the strong temptation, do not rub your eyes. The increased friction may not only take off or entangle the extensions, but could damage your natural lashes.