“Each of us is an artist itself, and when it comes to makeup, fashion trends that we follow give us an unlimited opportunity to put our creativity and imagination in motion.”

2017 Makeup Trends

Makeup trends this winter  is the style that last season did not suffer virtually no change, little blush and cosmetic minimum.

In the eye department, smokey eyes make up the leader. It ranks as the most important factor in gradual form. Keeping all tones blended is key to making a smokey eye a success. Keeping our lighter tones on the inside of the eye and transtioning your darker tones on the outer. The best way to pair a smokey eye is with a natural lip color and a dewy look on the cheeks.

If you’re in the search for a more daring look try out a bold matted lip. Lip liner is not just for lining your lips anymore, you can actually use it to create a matted look on your lips. When creating a matted lip, I have learned to make sure to hydrate your lips prior to application to avoid dryness and flakiness of your lip color. When going for a bolder lip make sure to keep your eye makeup as natural as possible as it will look as you are wearing too much.

Here at The Grand we have partnered with Jane Iredale to not only give you healthy skin but also to be able to create a flawless look while staying on trend throughout the seasons. Come visit us to learn more about the trends happening throughout the year.

Beauty Stylist,
Tanya Marie