Carmen | Grand Beauty Spa OwnerWe have so much to be thankful for Grand beauties!

Tis the season to show gratitude for all things in your life. Family, friends, coworkers, pets, and the list goes on…

Slowing down to enjoy the life you created and the special moments in your life even when you lose your mind allowing your 16 year old to have the homecoming after party at your house. Lol! But isn’t that where the joy of the lessons come, when they admit they’ll never have another party in the house again and admits to you that your parties are pretty cool after all.

One of the things I am grateful for and especially love is the salon and spa. It gives us time for ourselves to actually take a moment to reflect, relax, heal, beautify, inspire, and be kind to our selves allowing someone else take care of us for a change. So let us take care of all your beauty goals because we can and we honor ourselves to provide you with only the best results oriented treatments to make you look and feel your best.

Finding your own way to heal and being kind to yourself are the acts that bring us happiness and joy, empowering ourselves to find happiness in almost anything we can imagine doing. Many of us allow expectations to blind us to the point of hiding in the uncomplicated aspects of life then missing out on wonderful opportunities that satisfy our souls and the for the need for joy.

It’s time to let us help you achieve making time for yourself so you can move through your life and the the holidays looking and feeling happy, healthy, positive, and beautiful the Grand way.

That’s what a Grand Beauty Spa visit can do for you.

Thank you from the essence of my heart, and have a wonderful spa-li-day.