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When it comes to personal beauty, your skin is the largest organ and first point of contact with the world. Taking care of your skin is perhaps the most important daily ritual in personal beauty. That means more that applying cream to your face. It’s a holistic process involving eating right, exercising and living healthfully. Illness, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and alcohol abuse will sooner or later show up as dull, lifeless skin, acne or dark circle under eyes and a waxy complexion.

Going through detox will not help you lose weight but “sweating it out” will forced constriction and dilation of blood vessels. This happens when you go into and out of the heat, releasing the chemical nitric oxide. Detoxing means you will cleanse your body from the foods that you no longer wish to eat. Your body will “reject” the next fried chicken or burrito…

Europeans have always known the benefits of detoxification.  I remember when I was little girl in Poland my mother would apply Chinese Cupping therapy to my back when I didn’t fell good to accelerate the sweating that I already had from running a fever. I was not allowed to leave my bed until I stopped the perspiration process. I remember that I was always fine next day and there was almost never a need to take antibiotics. Chinese Cupping therapy is a wonderful addition to any massage treatment. Massage treatments increase the circulation and aid in removal of the toxins from our body.

The DETOX PROGRAM at Grand involves the use of Infrared sauna and a cold shower as well as 5 to 10 min in the steam  room. They are free of charge with your treatment and should be done preferably before your facial, body wrap or massage. Which treatment and how many will depend on your individual needs and will be decided at the time of your consultation with your therapist and our on site Doctor (board certified in nutrition) who will help you achieve long satisfying  weight loss.

Let me also add that 30 min session in our infrared sauna burns up to 700 calories. Infrared heat is simply a form of energy that heats your body directly without having to heat you. It penetrates and warms deeply increasing circulation and heart rate which eventually leads to burning calories. achieving safe and long lasting weight loss.

By taking good care of ourselves we reacquaint ourselves with our natural being and allowing our inner beauty to shine through.

What do you think?

In 2010 I  wish you success in achieving your goals, but also lots of joy, clarity and abundance.

Ella Gorecka