A Valentine’s Day Hairstyle That Will Have Your Date Swooning

Valentine’s Day is approaching us faster than we thought. Deciding on the perfect hairstyle is essential.

Here are a few Valentine’s Day hairstyles that will have you date swooning.

Straight Up Sexy Hairstyle:

staight up sexy hairstyle

This look gives a clean healthy look.

This straight look shows guys that you have a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

From an evolutionary perspective men subconsciously love hair that is clean and healthy.

bombshell blowout hairstyle

Bombshell Blowout Hairstyle:

Men love running their hands through […]

New Fall Blow Dry Looks & Carmen’s Beauty Notes

It’s time to get ready for fall!

This summer I had the chance to do a little spa research.  I explored the best and newest beauty treatments for The Grand Beauty Spa so that my staff can bring them to our guests in the spa.  We look forward to implementing new rituals and innovative treatments to better take care of you and your beauty desires.

Fall Blow Dry Looks

bouncy blowout | Tampa SalonIn the Grand Beauty Hair Salon, “light, gorgeous, and rich” are just some of the words […]

Fall Hair Trends Go Retro 70’s. Get Them Here

Long_bob Fall Hair TrendsFall hair trends definitely have a 70’s feel.

New Fall Hair Trends Go Retro

For instance, retro boufants, Farrah Fawcett waves, and pixie cuts are all the rage.  The ever popular long bob with loose waves or sleek and straight are also popular styles.

Change it up with some blunt bangs that look great with a 60’s style ponytail. You can also do a classic ponytail down or looped under.

Blunt_Bangs Fall Hair Trends

Simple Easy Summer Hair You Can Create At Home

Summer Hair img | Tampa Hair SalonHere is a very simple & easy look you can create at home or recommend to your stylist.

Personally, I think the summer is a beautiful time where the look isn’t totally polished.

I prefer to embrace the texture your hair creates naturally because, lets face it, this is Florida.  The heat and humidity will get to it no matter how much you smooth and straighten it.  So take a deep breath and save yourself the hassle.

It is easy, but you must apply the proper […]

How To – Reverse French Braid into Messy Side Bun

French braid | messy bun | Tampa hair salonHow to Achieve This Look:

1) On unwashed hair use Shu Uemura Yokan Craft on the base of hair and spray mineral salt spray mid-shaft, leaving the ends rough and dry.

2) Section hair into four sections, leaving a deep side part. It is best to section hair diagonally from the back of each ear.

3) Leaving the front section out, continue to section the crown. Gathering what is left, this creates the fourth section.

4) In section 1, gather one-inch piece, separate it into 3 little pieces, and […]

Note from Carmen

It’s summertime!

Carmen - Grand Beauty Spa OwnerHello Grand Beauties, it’s finally summer!  Time to take it easy and slow down a bit, take time to enjoy nature whether it is the beach, mountains, or lake.  The kids are finally out of school and life can finally begin to slow down, a time where we can refocus and reevaluate our busy lives.

The Grand realizes the importance of rest and restoration as well as having the perfect plan for you to protect your […]

Most Popular Hairstyles

Happy Summer Grand Beauties! I’ve collected some of this season’s most popular hairstyles that are fabulous for where ever the summer breeze takes you!  From unique top knots to braids that won’t be overlooked, they’re all quick and easy to achieve.  If not, you have us Grand stylists!

French Knot | Tampa Hair SalonFRENCH KNOT:

This I’ll admit is for those experienced in French braiding their own hair, but should be easy to master.  Divide the hair ear to ear over the crown, and the bottom half is braided up toward […]

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

By Krysta Coggins
Extension Specialist

Gone are the days of waiting for your hair to grow to achieve long luscious locks, or succumbing to the reality of fine, thinning hair.

Thin hair Luxurious hair extensions |Tampa Salon

I remember a time, before I decided to become a hairdresser; I thought that celebrities were born with naturally amazing hair.  Now I know when I see Jennifer Lopez go from a normal medium-length to an extremely long thick style […]

Valentine Love Month Specials! 

img Carmen - Owner Grand Beauty Spa

Note from The Owner:

Special Valentine love month!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” —Eleanor Roosevelt

The biggest gift people want is time together.  Work and home life can take a toll on our love relationships and us.  That’s why we are dedicating the whole month of February to love!  It’s all about love and pampering at The Grand.

We have come up with some romantic and sweet ideas for you to sweep your loved ones […]

Styling Michelle Phan

Hi Grand beauties!

I’ve gotten off to a great start this New Year with the opportunity to style Miss Michelle Phan’s hair.

What an amazing experience!

She is so cute and nice!   I have to admit I was a little nervous and excited driving to Fort Lauderdale to do the hair of such a creative artist.

Michelle Phan | Before and After | Grand Beauty SalonPhan Hairstyle Inspiration

I sat down to talk with Miss Phan about the look and inspiration. Her dress was her inspiration. It was short with a light rust color. […]