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The Ammonia-Free Hair Experience!

Discover the AMMONIA-FREE hair color experience at the Grand Beauty Spa

INOA is a revolutionary oil-based, ammonia-free color with no odor, infinite hair color power and reinforced coverage of up to 100% white hair. Learn more about INOA: Innovation, No Ammonia.

  • Discover ammonia free, age defying color – INOA Supreme with multi-dimensional 100 % grey coverage
  • Gentle and odor free!
  • Supreme respect for the hair
  • Limitless Color possibilities!
  • Perfect personal effects

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Fall Hair Trends Go Retro 70’s. Get Them Here

Long_bob Fall Hair TrendsFall hair trends definitely have a 70’s feel.

New Fall Hair Trends Go Retro

For instance, retro boufants, Farrah Fawcett waves, and pixie cuts are all the rage.  The ever popular long bob with loose waves or sleek and straight are also popular styles.

Change it up with some blunt bangs that look great with a 60’s style ponytail. You can also do a classic ponytail down or looped under.

Blunt_Bangs Fall Hair Trends

New L’Oreal Professionnel Somptueux Collection Introduction

After recently attending the L’Oreal Artist Foundation in Las Vegas, I have so much to share. From styling to coloring, it was all very inspiring.

L’Oreal Professional introduced their Somptueux Collection: “Ombre Couture”, “Woven Threads”, and “Asymmetric Bias”.

Ombre culture |Tampa Hair Salon“Ombre Couture”

“Ombre Couture” is all about the light base losing its technique in order to give the hair a soft and light influence. This blonde in “Ombre Couture” emphasizes on the blonde to be very rich in texture and color.

“Woven Threads”

Summer Color Highlighted Looks

Highlighting today is not always about going a lighter shade of blonde. When considering highlights you must consider your skin tone as well as the haircut you currently have and what you want to accentuate.

Placement of color in certain areas can accentuate your eyes as well as the tone of highlights can brighten up your skin tone as well.

Ombre | Tampa Salon

“Bronde” is the perfect balance of brunette and a mixture of blonde that is achieved by the Balayage technique

2012 Favorite Hair Styles for Brown, Blonde and Red Hair

2012 has so many different hair colors in mind !

Here are some of this year’s color ideas:

Bronde Trendbronde hair trend | Tampa hair salon

Brown hair has been following the” bronde” trend (also known as “ombre”).  If you have lighter features, dark brown hair can wash you out and also age you.

Try adding some lighter pieces around your face whether painted on or even foiled in for that sun-kissed look.

Bayalage Blond HairBayalage blonde hair | Tampa hair salon

2011 Holiday Hair Trends

Get your holiday started off right with the perfect hair.

You’ve got the outfit, now all you need is the right hair to finish a fabulous look!  This season’s trends are a beautiful blend of classic and modern.  Straight from fall fashion week, top designers are showing us the perfect way to complete a look.

Messy Bun_Grand Beauty Spa

Classic Messy Bun

The most likeable hair for the season is the classic messy bun.  This look will give you the perfect mixture of attitude and confidence.  To create […]

Survey Surprise – You Won’t Believe What Men Notice Most In First Impressions!

Greetings Grand Beauties! Alex here to share a shocking study I read about in Glamour magazine & heard about on the radio on my ride into work.

According to a poll given by Pantene to a large array of men we now get to know the first thing about us ladies that they notice is NOT…

  • our clothes (26%),
  • legs (25%),
  • make-up (4%)
  • or even sometimes our bust.

No, 44% of men polled say our HAIR is absolutely all they notice before those things & 74% of men say a woman’s tantalizingly healthy hair will hook their gaze before it wanders anywhere else!

That being said I […]

The Secret to Foil Free Sun Kissed Highlights !

Ever wonder how celebs like Gisele Bundchen and Sienna Miller get that  gorgeous hair color that looks like it had always been there? How do they do it? What’s their secret?

It’s a foil-free technique called Baliage!

Instead of wrapping hair in aluminum foil or using a streaking cap, colorists paint sections of hair freehand. Yes, the result is streak free and best of all, more natural than carefully placed color.

It also lasts longer because color doesn’t start at the roots, but further down in your […]

New York Fall Fashion Week 2011!

By Katie Ryan

New York Fashion week 2011 was full of 70’s inspired looks. Designers such as Philip Lim, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, etc., gathered in New York City to show off their new looks for fall.

This year is also going to be huge for the hair industry as well. With popular hairstyles like Farah Fawcett’s feathered Charlie’s Angels look coming back, and styles like Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad’s long wavy hair, the 70’s and 60’s are back in full force.

Discover the secret behind the sexy blonde and Honey-toned hues of Hollywood Stars!

Discover Balayage

Balayage highlighting photo | Grand Beauty Spa

French word that means “sweeping” a reference to how haircolor or highlights are applied for a natural look.

Discover gorgeous “sun kissed” highlights the secret behind the sexy blonde and Honey-toned hues of Gisele Bundchen, Sarah Jessica Parker and Eva Longoria? Balayage! The free-hand sweeping technique creates highlights that look like you spent the summer frolicking on the beach.

Balayage duplicates what nature gave us as children – naturally sun kissed highlights that will grow out gracefully.

Balayage is the technique of choice […]