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Fall Hair Trends Go Retro 70’s. Get Them Here

Long_bob Fall Hair TrendsFall hair trends definitely have a 70’s feel.

New Fall Hair Trends Go Retro

For instance, retro boufants, Farrah Fawcett waves, and pixie cuts are all the rage.  The ever popular long bob with loose waves or sleek and straight are also popular styles.

Change it up with some blunt bangs that look great with a 60’s style ponytail. You can also do a classic ponytail down or looped under.

Blunt_Bangs Fall Hair Trends

Protecting Your Hair During The Summer Months

This summer don’t forget to give your hair the attention it deserves.

Throughout the year you spend a lot of money coloring, cutting and buying products to make sure your hair looks its best.   To ensure that your hair is maintained during the summer months, it is very important to invest in doing masks and in salon treatments to make sure you protect your investment!

Fusio Dose | Tampa Hair SalonSummer brings with it harsher weather that tends to dry […]

Note from Carmen

It’s summertime!

Carmen - Grand Beauty Spa OwnerHello Grand Beauties, it’s finally summer!  Time to take it easy and slow down a bit, take time to enjoy nature whether it is the beach, mountains, or lake.  The kids are finally out of school and life can finally begin to slow down, a time where we can refocus and reevaluate our busy lives.

The Grand realizes the importance of rest and restoration as well as having the perfect plan for you to protect your […]

New Kerastase Fusio Dose In-Salon Treatments

Fusio_Dose | Tampa Hair SalonI am so excited to introduce to you the new upgraded Kerastase Fusio treatments!

Made to measure, Fusio Dose is a blend of highly concentrated active ingredients fused for profound hair transformation.

I will walk you through the steps of how these treatments work.

Step One

Your stylist will diagnose your hair by its texture, porosity, lack of moisture, and color molecules.  They will find your primary and secondary hair needs and will select two concentrated ingredients for your fusio dose.

Step Two

These treatments act […]

New Year’s Resolutions

img Carmen - Owner Grand Beauty Spa

Wow, what an amazing year 2011 has been!

As I look back on 2011, I believe it to be one of our best learning years.  It feels like I’m just getting started: from making the Kerastase/ Shu Uemura team to having the support and training from our flagship with Thalgo Paris, we have found a balance.  We have also built a great team of therapists, support staff, and managers.  With your help, we made a difference helping women fight Breast Cancer and with […]

Survey Surprise – You Won’t Believe What Men Notice Most In First Impressions!

Greetings Grand Beauties! Alex here to share a shocking study I read about in Glamour magazine & heard about on the radio on my ride into work.

According to a poll given by Pantene to a large array of men we now get to know the first thing about us ladies that they notice is NOT…

  • our clothes (26%),
  • legs (25%),
  • make-up (4%)
  • or even sometimes our bust.

No, 44% of men polled say our HAIR is absolutely all they notice before those things & 74% of men say a woman’s tantalizingly healthy hair will hook their gaze before it wanders anywhere else!

That being said I […]

Capital Force Shampoo. New For Men At the Grand


Homme Capital Force

Homme Capital Force Shampoo for Men
By Richard Lopez

Men, the Grand Beauty Salon has something new for you to help you bulk up weak thinning hair, combat oily hair and scalp and train your hair back into shape.  The Grand Beauty Spa has just added Homme Capital Force for Men by Kerastase.

Capital Force is about preserving thinning hair, the “capital” men are born with, and maximizing the investment in their hair. Capital Force’s formula is designed to keep the […]

Strand Inspiration for your Holiday Happenings

Holiday Hair
– By Tanya Marie

Looking for some strand inspiration for your holiday happenings?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Start rummaging through magazines
  2. Google that perfect holiday hair.
  3. Take a cue from The Grand’s expert stylists!

Modern up do hair styles for 2011-2010's

  • When choosing a style, take into consideration the climate, if you’re cooking, and the time of the event.
  • Add a little pizzazz to an elegant outfit with an up-do or even braids.
  • An up-do is a way to get that out-of-the ordinary style that’ll make you […]

Do You Know The Art Of Hair! Our Stylists Do. We’re Ready To Show You Sexy, Chic Looks For Fall!

Note from the Owner:

Alt Text image Carmen Grand Beauty Spa owner

Did you know our Grand Beauty Stylists continue learning through exclusive Loreal, Kerastase, and Shu Uemura education classes?

It’s true. We require our stylists to be trained on all of the latest trends so that we can live up to our goal to be the trend setting Hair Salon in Tampa Bay.

We’ve just come back from Shu Uemura Ha Advanced Styling and Cutting Atelier in Dallas, and we returned with the most stylish, sexy, chic looks for Fall!

Our […]

Our Stylists Are Back From Advanced Shu Uemura Training!

Alt text Shu Uemora Hair image Grand Beauty Spa TampaFall is approaching! The leaves are changing and so are the trends.

The rage on the red carpet is all about texture or silky smooth hair! Our stylists have just returned from Shu Uemura Ha Advanced Styling and Cutting Atelier with the latest techniques and trends for this Fall! Our teacher, Rick Cooper, and his team were such an inspiration!

From crimping to curling to braiding, wonder how all this goes together? Shu […]