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Grand Events and Parties

From Spa Nights Out to fundraising events, we regularly host Grand Events to keep you looking and feeling beautiful. Each month, check back on this page to find information on upcoming events and parties at The Grand!

Priced per function.

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“The Grand Royalty Event – featuring India Hicks” Event

Come Join Us ! March 23rd

Grand Royalty Event featuring India Hicks

The Grand Beauty Spa 2717 W. Kennedy Blvd

Royal Menu – $25

  • The Queen Polynesian pedi
  • Royal Mceutic Peel
  • Magestic Back and shoulder Massage 
  • Imperial Blow dry
  • Grandiose Kerastasse treatment 
  • Princess ibeauty neck treatment 
  • Your Majesty Collagen mask treatment 

Call: 813-874-7674 for more information

Join us 

March 23rd, 4-8pm

Call: 813-874-7674


“Our exclusive collections of beauty and accessories are inspired by my British heritage, my island life, and some madcap daydreams. And that is just the start. ”


Bring Out Your Inner Goddess

Come Join Us ! Tuesday April 7-9th

Grand Goddess Retreat

The Grand Beauty Spa 2717 W. Kennedy Blvd
3 Day Retreat  $950

Miranda Maher

Miranda will share accessible practices that have been around for centuries that let you cultivate your goddess –heart and soul– using the simple, gentle and deep practices of the Tao – that combine movement, breath and imagery to ground you on Mother Earth and connect you to the Moon and Stars.

And as we reach outward, we will also reach deep inside and learn the Goddess practices of Ovarian Kung Fu: Breast and Heart energetic massage and Ovarian Breathing.

Miranda is a Medical Qigong Therapist and an Instructor of TaoZen and the Universal Healing Tao. She has practiced Qigong, T’ai Chi and Meditation for 17 years and taught for 11. Her teaching and healing practice is centered in Brooklyn, New York.

She also trained in a Japanese martial art for 18 years and holds the rank of Menkyo Okuden (i.e., black belt) and studied and practiced Buddhist meditation for many years before focusing on her Taoist path.

Along with her body, mind, spirit path, she’s been a visual artist in New York for 25 years. Her artwork is in museum and private collections and has been exhibited internationally.

Dr. Kamala Easton

Kamala who received the “Gift of Knowing” has positively impacted hundreds of lives around the world, immediately revealing the deepest core issues of her client’s heart, unveiling and clearing issues standing in the way, thus enabling them to live their highest possible life. Her Intuitive Sessions touch upon every area of one’s life.

Dr. Easton has a Ph.D. in Education from UCLA, and a B.A. in Psychology from UC Berkeley. She spent 9 years in India, was featured on PBS and Discovery Channels and was an Energy Healer and clinician at UCLA Medical Center. She is a motivational speaker, workshop leader and yoga instructor. Currently she teaches online courses on Enlightenment & Transformation and is an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor in Topanga, CA.


Join us 

April 7-9th

Call: 813-874-7674
*Limited Space Available

Grand Goddess Retreat