Thalgo New Silicium Range. This Month’s Featured Product

 Corrects wrinkles, plumps skin, improves firmness, restores elasticty, tones complexion!

The New Silicium Range.  More Intelligent, Concentrated and Innovative Formula  

Introducing The New Silicium Range from Thalgo…

The New Silicium Range has a more intelligent, concentrated and innovative formula with encapsulated Silicium to stimulate Hyaluronic Acid synthesis and epidermal regeneration.

With up to 77% more Silicium and Marine Silicium Complex with 360° Tissue Reconstruction, this formula corrects wrinkles,
“plumps” skin, improves firmness, restores elasticity, and tones the complexion.

The New Silicium Range Line Includes:

  • Lifting Correcting Day Cream-
    This active formula for all skin types transforms from a cooling
    gel/cream texture to an oil. Corrects wrinkles, maintains facial
    contours, and protects from sun-related aging.
    81% of those tested had firmer skin after 42 days of use
  • Lifting Correcting Night Cream-
    This ingenious new formula optimizes the skin’s ability to
    regenerate to correct wrinkles and improve and maintain facial
    contours. Leaves skin with improved elasticity and moisture
    while eliminating toxins.
    72% of those tested said wrinkles were less visible
  • Wrinkle Lifting Serum-
    This concentrated treatment, for use morning and evening,
    plumps the skin, corrects wrinkles, and improves and maintains
    facial contours and skin elasticity. This ultra-smooth formula
    restores skin radiance and tone and leaves the skin with an
    incomparably soft finish.
    95% of those tested said their complexion was immediately
    brighter and skin was firmer
    91% wrinkles were less deep
  • Lifting Correcting Eye Cream-
    For daily use every morning and evening to correct and fill
    wrinkles, reduce dark circles and puffiness, and refresh the eye
    82% of those tested said their eyes appeared more open after use

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