BELLSOL Natural Product Line. This Month’s Featured Products

 Natural organic ingredients like honey, coconut oil, safflower oil. Products You Can Trust

BELLSOL. Natural Product Line, Now at The Grand!

This month the Grand Beauty Spa introduces to you a brand new all natural product line: BELLSOL

We absolutely love our Thalgo, drawing the best ingredients from the ocean but we wanted to expand our offerings and begin providing land based products too.

The owner of Bellsol happens to be one of our very own members, Nora Pelin. She designed all of her products with the intent of delivering a luxurious and unique experience for anyone who used them.

Using natural, organic ingredients such as honey, coconut oil, safflower oil and much more, this line is one you can trust!

You’ll find BELLSOL Products available at The Grand Beauty Boutique.

Get BELLSOL here!

Bellsol Honey Facial Soap Sapphire Facial Serum