Kerastase Touché Chromatique. This Month’s Featured Product

 Capture color perfection, nourish, and give extra protection  to hair color!

Kerastaste Touché Chromatique  

Introducing Touché Chromatique, Kerastase 1st personalized color correcting care for color-treated hair to refresh and prolong color intensity for long-lasting results between salon visits.

You’re Personalized Color and Care System Includes (up to 14 applications) Capture color perfection with our patented technology that nourishes and gives extra protection to hair color from oxidative stress linked to UV rays.

This regimen is perfect for anyone with color-treated hair who wants to maintain long-lasting color and brilliant shine.
There are four different kits to fit your color needs:

Touché Chromatique Color Kits

  • Cool blonde
  • Cool brown
  • Cool copper
  • Cool red

How to Use

  • Before showering, fill the bowl with Masque Chromatique up to the dosage line (15ml)
  • Add 10 clicks of Touche Chromatique
  • Mix with spatula to create an even blend
  • In the shower, shampoo first with Bain Chromatique and rinse, then apply blended mixture with spatula evenly onto damp hair
  • Leave-in 5 minutes, then rinse out

You’ll find Kerastase Touché Chromatique available at The Grand Beauty Boutique.

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