Xtreme Lashes. This Month’s Featured Product

 Powerful Serum, Delivering Dramatic results for Thinning or Breaking Eyelashes

Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mouselli. A Favorite at The Grand. Special Love Month Price!    

One of our favorite lines at the Grand is our Xtreme Lash by Jo Mousselli.

Particularly, the Xtreme Lash and Brow Fortifier.

This powerful serum contains a concentration of vitamins and nutrient rich botanical extracts to deliver dramatics results to thinning or breaking lashes.

Simply apply this product along the lash line or to your brows daily and watch as they’re youthfulness is restored.

This product retails for $120.00 but for the month of February, we’re offering it for only $99.00.

You’ll find Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mouselli available at The Grand Beauty Boutique.

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