NEW! Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste . This Month’s Featured Product

 Fortifies Hair Follicles,  Promotes Hair Growth, Stimulates the Scalp. Gently Repairs Current or Future Damaged Hair. The New Kerastase Extentioniste Resistance.

Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste . The First 90 Day Hair Program Designed to optimize and reinforce the length of damaged hair. Now at The Grand!

Tired of asking your stylist for a trim in order to keep your hair healthy?

Kerastase is “extending their limits” with a brand new “Resistance” line to help you do just that!

Resistance Extentioniste is the first 90 day hair program designed to optimize and reinforce the length of damaged hair.

The products in this line target hair fibers from root to end in order to keep the hair follicle fortified while promoting hair growth. Active ingredients stimulate the scalp while other components are gentle enough on the hair to repair any current or future damage.

If you are familiar with the Resistance Line and you are looking for real results, give this a try!

You’ll find Kerastase Extentioniste Resistance available at The Grand Beauty Boutique.


Kerastase Extensioniste Resistance - available at The Grand Beauty Spa