Thalgo Ultra Marine Reviving Mist. This Month’s Featured Product

 De-stresses, nourishes with marine minerals bringing balance, and energy to your skin

The Perfect Glow Primer 

Introducing Thalgo Ultra Marine Reviving Mist 

This product is perfect for those who’d like to bring balance and life back to their skin. With the scent of refreshing sea spray and hints of flowers you’re sure to fall in love with this product. Not only for the scent but for the amazing results obtained after usage, it de stresses the skin from the pollution in the everyday environment while giving you a radiant glow.

Made with only the finest ingredients this product is sure to be a staple in your everyday life..

What Makes it Different?

Thalgo Reviving Marine Mist is for those who need to bring some balance and energy to their skin; it is like bringing the sea into your own home. Regularly nourished with marine minerals, the skin fights the effects of modern life (stress, pollution) more effectively. The complexion becomes fresh and radiant. Also increases the effectiveness of skincare creams applied afterwards. Scent of refreshing sea spray and fresh flowers.

Powered by Highly Effective Natural Ingredients

  • Sève Bleue from the Oceans – hydrates skin, delivers immediate comfort and strengthens skin’s structural cohesion
  • Complex of 27 multi-revitalizing nutrients (8 minerals and trace elements, 18 amino acids and gluconate) – optimize cell receptivity, activate cell renewal, reenergizes skin, moisturize skin

You’ll find Thalgo Ultra Marine Reviving Mist available at The Grand Beauty Boutique.

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