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Create the Life You Want

Happy New Year Grand Beauty Spa!

Carmen - Grand Beauty Spa OwnerThis is my New Year’s resolution for 2017 and a mantra for my life; Create the life you want.

The Grand is such a beautifying, kind and healing place for those to want to come and heal, rest and find their inner peace.

I love our mission statement “Let us teach you how to spa!” because that’s exactly what we want to do. We want you to feel confident when you come to The Grand that everything is taken care of. A place for you to let […]

A message from our Grand Guest Experience Experts

It’s that time again, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the New Year, filled with many exciting adventures and appointments.

Here at The Grand’s front desk we have been working hard to give every Grand client an equally Grand experience, starting with us.

In October we went through a vigorous, yet fulfilling training with Summit Salon’s own Front Desk Doctor, Kristi Venezuela.

We’ve worked through the kinks over the past few months and are excited to start implementing our growth with the New Year.

Feel free to become even more familiar with your Guest Experience Experts as we become more familiar with you. […]

Note from Carmen … Life Balance and How to Spa

Happy 4th of July Grand Beauties!

Looking for an exalted experience this summer?Carmen Sargeant | Grand Beauty Spa owner

The Grand Beauty Spa is the perfect environment for people who are looking for results, exclusivity, and relaxation. Our remarkable Thalgo collection of Spa treatments are the most luxurious and innovative treatments available in the world. The Grand Beauty Spa presents itself anew as the luxury class Resort Spa oasis in the heart of our pulsating city life of Tampa.

It’s all about life balance…

This summer we are offering a unique range of treatments for […]

The Grand Beauty Spa 8th Anniversary

Happy 8th Anniversary to the Grand Beauty Spa….

Carmen Sargeant | Grand Beauty Spa ownerI can’t believe The Grand Beauty Spa opened her doors April 17th 2007. I’ll never forget trying to play it cool with our patrons while the music was skipping, the city inspectors were asking questions, and while Contractors were still there finishing up punch list. We made it!!!

I am very grateful for The Grand, I have named my lessons learned my Masters degree:) But must I say it again:( I Love The Grand) We have the most […]

5 Things to Do to Get the Holiday Season and the New Year off to a Great Start

Happy Holidays Grand Beauties!

Tis the season and we are so excited for the holidays.

It’s time to start the new year off right so here are some of my personal top 5 things to get the New year off to the great start

  1. Get organized!
    • Go thru drawers and get rid of stuff (especially all those old perfumes bottles and old hair,  face, and body products you only have a l’il bit left in them. Give them away or have your husband use them…Lol
    • It takes space and is no longer needed in your life so get rid of it…
  2. Schedule me time!
    •  Let’s face it,  […]

Happy Thanksgiving Grand Beauties…Note from Carmen

God is so amazing….. I have been so blessed to have a place like the Grand Beauty Spa..

The Grand has become this really special oasis right in the heart of our city just for you to come and find calmness and peace with results as a bonus of course;) The mystery of how the universe all works is a trust and faith I hold preciously in my heart. I am grateful for the gifts I receive every day whether it’s a shooting star or a flock of Pink Spoonbills flying over me.

It reminds me of the Creators presence in my […]

Notes from Carmen on Summer Beauty

Happy Summer Grand Beauties!

I hope you are having a Grand summer… We are awaiting your travels to alleviate you from jet lag and exhausting, dehydrating travel. We understand the toll summer months can take on your skin, hair, and body,  so our therapists focus on  hydration to replenish skin and hair and nails.

Take some me time this summer and come see us.. Enjoy our infra red sauna and steam room. If your a Grand member don’t forget to ask for your free monthly member peloid mudd and Kerastase hair masque treatment. It’s a must at […]

Note From Carmen – Renew Yourself and Your Spirit This Summer

Happy summer Grand beauties;)

Summer is a good time to take a half time! To get ready for new beginnings and let go anything not needed in your  life. As 2014 flows this will be a time to buckle down your heels and dig into whatever it is in your paths, at this moment.

No matter where your stress comes from, thank goodness for The Grand Beauty Spa… At least you can preserve yourself and your spirit  with a Grand Ageless Facial, massage, and fresh haircut and color. And don’t forget the nails 😉

Our employees and therapist understand […]

Celebrate Earth Day in Grand Goddess Sytle!


Note from Carmen

Carmen - Grand Beauty Spa OwnerCelebrate Earth day this April Grand Goddess Style!

We are so excited to put together these  exclusive, pampering, and inspiring packages just for you. Sure to clear your mind, relax and rejuvenate the body and satisfy your deepest intentions.

We invented The Prescription to Great Health memberships because we know how stressful and demanding life can be.  So here is an opportunity to experience what it means to do things Grand style because we want The Grand to be your […]

Carmen’s Grand Prescription for Health. Relax, Surrender to Yourself

The body is a temple, nurture it with the most utmost love and respect. Happy Spring Grand Beauties and especially our Grand Guys too …

We need and should go within more often.  We should surrender to our own unique and individual selves.

When the body calls to be pampered:

Find silence, relax, and have a moment of devotion to allow the body, mind, and soul to calm down and renew!

When the body aches, give it a soothing massage or pick me up facial. When it feels sluggish and needs to be detoxified, then […]