Are you feeling sluggish? Do You Have Puffy Eyes? Are You Just Plain Tired? Puffy Eyes

After a month of consuming more sugar, fat and alcohol, sleeping poorly and travel, its time to clean out our systems. The benefits of detoxifying our system are:

  • Once we are not eating sugar and fat for a week, we don’t crave them as much.
  • Once these foods are out of our system, we will feel less sluggish and more motivated to exercise
  • After following the program, most people will loose at least 2 pounds the first week.
  • If you continue on the program, you are on your way to reaching your goal weight.

Here is the Grand Beauty Spa “4 Weeks to A New You” plan:

Commit to the visiting the Grand once per week for four weeks.

1st  Visit: (3 hour)

Complete required paperwork and receive a consultation where we will review your health goals, perform a physical exam and order bloodwork if indicated.  Dr. Hermann will work out the best food plan for you. The food plan can be designed with regular food items or with food that can be purchased at the office.  You will receive all natural vitamins and supplements that curb your appetite and a vitamin and amino acid injection that help break down fat.  This injection will be repeated each week for a month.  After your consultation, enjoy 1/2 hour in the infrared sauna (infrared sauna burns over 700 calories in 30 minutes), followed by a mud wrap to draw out toxins from your skin.

Second visit: (2.75 hr)
1 hr with Dietitian Lea Russell for your weigh in and metabolic testing (machine that tells you how many calories you burn in a day), nutrition counseling and your fat burning shot.  Then enjoy the steam room/sauna for 1/2 hour, followed by a  mud wrap.

Third visit: (2.0 hr)
Review blood work, weigh-in and nutrition counseling with Dr. Hermann. Receive your fat burning injection.  Enjoy our steam room and sauna, followed by a mud wrap.

Fourth visit: (2.25 hr)

Visit with the Nutritionist and receive your fat burning shot.  Enjoy our steam room and sauna, followed by a facial.

Learn more about our “4 Weeks To A New You” Package here, or request an appointment.

What do you think – are you ready for “4 Weeks to A New You?”